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Health Risk Self-Tests of Self Esteem, Chronic Psychological Stress, Health Risk Denial, Addiction, Smoking & Weight

Truth for Healthy Living


Wellness and Health Promotion Programs, Easy Access to Lifestyle Health Risk Tests and Ezine Health and Wellness Articles for

  • Nicotine Cessation / Stop Smoking for Good
  • Excess Bodyweight Prevention, Weight Loss Motivation
  • Interpersonal Communications and Healthy Relationships Building
  • Stress Management for Self Esteem, Addiction and Mood Relief
Free Access to Lifestyle Health Risk Tests
  • Lifestyle Health Risk Denial - Note: Created for adults dependent on nicotine but is of equal value to non smokers. Lifestyle health risk denial is lethal.
  • Test for Relationship Stress
  • Stress Test - Note: This link takes you to an e-book. When there, simply go to the table of contents and click on this assessment. Investigate how much you have. Learn about the most risky "hidden" form. Take this (all of our) online wellness risk assessment(s) in complete privacy without being required to register.
  • Self-Esteem Test - Same as above. This lifestyle health and wellness Surface and Secret Self-esteem Inventory offers unique content and important benefits. It looks at the self-esteem that's obvious as well as the secret kind. The secret or hidden self-concept matters the most.
  • Weight Risk Denial
  • Breast Cancer Risk Factor: Stress. An important e-article and self-test for women and people who love them.


We do not give permission to use content for any purpose other than the personal use and benefit of individual visitors.

Keep firmly in mind that no instrument or inventory (including these) tells absolute facts. It only indicates possibilities to consider.

  • When the results make enough sense and are helpful, then use them. Do that to benefit yourself and those people you care about.
  • If you don't find that they seem true, please ignore the results.
  • Avoid making significant changes in your work, relationships or anything else important to you based on the results.

See our Legal Notice and Disclaimer.

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